Launches 3X Interest-Free Leverage Trading

With spot trading opportunities presently scarce, leveraged trading has become a standard on many exchanges.

Damn Nuisance. Ice Dam Solutions - Avoidance and Clearance

With frigid temperatures and frozen precipitation, winter is the season to be extra grateful for the roof over your head. is Positioned for Future, SEA CEO Ethan Ng Tells Why and How

2019 has been a turbulent year for the cryptocurrency space. If there’s anything to be learnt about the crypto markets, it’s that it is highly volatile and unpredictable.

LaTribuna Christian Publishing Investigates Preventable Medical Mistakes in American Hospitals

Latribuna Christian Publishing reports its findings that over 400000 lives are lost each year in America. That's over 1100 a day because of totally preventable medical mistakes in American hospitals. Latribuna Christian Publishing asked Chaplain Paul Vescio for his thoughts on this important health care issue.

The Finale of the Series, Pathway to the Stars: Parts 7 – 12 Released!

Contemporary Science Fiction Author Matthew J Opdyke recently released the final six parts of his space opera series, currently available on Amazon in eBook and paperback formats.

Dingtone Achieves The Milestone of 100 Million Users Worldwide

Popular calling and texting app Dingtone has recently achieved the highly creditable feat of serving one hundred million users all over the world. In addition to free calls, free texts, image and video sharing, Dingtone also offers a free phone number to all users. To celebrate, Dingtone held a rewards giveaway on Facebook and Twitter for a limited time. Makes First Foray into Latin America and UAE

Continuing in its quest for the grail of globalization, digital assets trading platform is venturing into previously unbroached territories.

Travel Expert Puts Four Top Hotel Booking Websites to Test in Search of Hotel Discounts

Berlin, Germany, Dec 13, 2019 -- is one of the top choices for booking hotel accommodations globally.

But as more travel technology startups enter the hotel booking space, competition is heating up. Frugal travelers can benefit by comparing apps against each other in search of the cheapest hotel bookings.

Travel expert Uri Sharon breaks down four new hotel booking website competitors in a new article at Travel Trend ( In“4 Hotel Booking Websites That Give You a Cheaper Price Than,” the founder and editor of Travel Trend shares details on how to use these four hotel booking providers to find cheap hotels.

Sharon says that while is a great website serving millions of users monthly, newer booking websites offer stiff competition for people searching for the cheapest rates. These sites include:

HotelTonight: Sharon said this mobile travel app is ideal for looking for cheap hotels at the last-minute, as it can help travelers save more than 20 percent on hotel bookings. Sharon and the Travel Trend team tested the HotelTonight app against by looking for a hotel in London.

Roomer: is a newer travel discount app that offers discounted hotel accommodations resold by travelers who booked with a non-refund policy and then couldn’t use the booking. The Travel Trend team searched for a discounted hotel in London at Roomer and Booking and shared the results in their article.

Pruvo: This travel tech startup boasts big discounts on hotel prices around the world. Sharon compared to Booking by looking for a discounted hotel room in Berlin.

Hotel Metasearch: Google aggregates hotel offers from online travel agencies (OTAs), wholesalers, and hotels. See in the full article results how to use this booking option and find the cheapest hotel prices online -

About Travel Trend:
Travel Trend is an information portal created by travel experts who want to share the results of their experiments with new travel related gadgets and apps as well as their favorite travel tips. The travel industry is in a constant state of growth and change, driven by technology and emerging trends. Through extensive research, reading and travel, Travel Trend is presenting a vision for the future of travel. Their mission is to improve the travel experience, making travel easier and safer while helping travelers save money along the way. Learn more at

Media Contact:
Uri Sharon
Travel Trend

Senior Insights. Seniors First Podcast Launched on Talking Information Center

Braintree, MA, Dec 13, 2019 -- Aging may bring wisdom, but it also creates new challenges and unanswered questions.

How can I structure my retirement to avoid outliving my savings? How do I retrofit my home to accommodate aging? How do I evaluate in-home resources to provide the extra help I might need? How do I protect my legacy for the next generation?

Seniors First, a newly formed collaborative based in Eastern Massachusetts, offering a single source and well-vetted solution, has launched a new radio show and podcast on Talking Information Center radio based in Marshfield, MA. The show airs the last Friday of each month at 7 p.m. (ET).

Hosted by George Downey, also the founder of Seniors First as well as CEO of Harbor Mortgage Solutions in Braintree, MA, the show will include a wide range of professional experts who serve the senior community. Included are Accountants, Estate and Elder Law Attorneys, Registered Investment Advisors, Financial Planners, Geriatric Care Managers, Home Modification Contractors, In-Home Care Providers, Insurance Professionals, and Mortgage and Real Estate Professionals.

Seniors First was created and is championed by Harbor Mortgage Solutions, a family-owned, residential mortgage company serving Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Recognized as a leading housing wealth management authority, Harbor Mortgage is dedicated to serving the unique home financing and often complex needs of senior homeowners, while also promoting those needs among consumers, professional advisors, state legislators and industry regulators.

In addition to professional services, Seniors First offers educational and objective seminars to Councils on Aging, senior organizations, fraternal organizations, labor unions, college staff and faculty, human resources departments and business groups throughout Eastern Massachusetts. The seminars are presented in moderated panel discussions including experienced professionals expert on the subject matter.

Upcoming podcast topics will be wide-ranging on timely and important senior topics, for example:
- Aging in Place – From Cash Flow to Home Modifications and More
- In-Home Care – What You Need to Know and Avoid
- Successfully Surviving Death and Divorce
- Protecting and Managing Your Housing and Financial Wealth
- About the Kids – What You Need and What They Really Want
- Planning Ahead – What to Do and How to Do It Right
- How To Avoid Outliving Your Savings
- Navigating Social Security and Medicare
- Legacy Planning – Being the Author of your Life and End of Life Plan
- Social Security – Making the Right Choice
- Medicare – The Right Rx for You
- Downsizing and Decluttering – Where do you start

On a monthly basis the Seniors First radio show and podcast bring you information that helps you improve your retirement. We welcome your comments and suggestions for future shows.  Please visit our website at

For more information about Seniors First, contact George Downey, Harbor Mortgage Solutions, Inc., 100 Grandview Road, Suite 105, Braintree, MA 02184.  Phone: (781) 843-5553, or Email:

Media Contact:
Steven V. Dubin, PR Works

SelecTech Goes FreeStyle with Installation at Durfee High School Renovation

Fall River, MA and Avon, MA, Dec 11, 2019 -- SelecTech, Inc., a leader in the manufacture of innovative flooring products with long-term value and immediate benefits, recently installed 8000 square feet of its FreeStyle commercial flooring at Durfee High School in Fall River, Massachusetts.

Durfee High School is currently receiving a bit of a makeover. Part of that renovation is the conversion of an old academic building into administrative offices. The installation of the new flooring took place in that building for those new offices.

“One of the challenges of renovating an older building is ripping up old floor tiles to install new ones. It’s time and energy consumptive and can greatly increase down time and the cost of a project,” said Thomas Ricciardelli, president of SelecTech, Inc. “The buildings being renovated at Durfee are more than 30 years old. Durfee liked the fact that our interlocking tiles could be installed over the existing floor—without messy, time-consuming removal work or prep.”

The City of Fall River’s Chief Operations Officer Ken Pacheco oversaw the project for Durfee High School.

“We needed a product to be a floating floor that was also able to be installed over uneven surfaces. FreeStyle was the right choice for us,” said Pacheco. “The installation couldn’t have been easier. We are thrilled with the product and feel this will be a regular fix for our renovation products and also feel confident that this is also a great option for new construction.”

SelecTech’s FreeStyle Commercial Flooring employs a patented glueless “zipper” interlocking system that enables the flooring to be installed over existing flooring with minimal subfloor preparation. There’s no need for messy, toxic adhesive and down-time is significantly reduced—often times without need to close off an area.

Made with 70 percent recycled materials and 100 percent recyclable, FreeStyle Commercial Flooring comes with a 10-year limited wear warranty - 20-mil wear layer with urethane/no-wax finish and is ADA slip-resistant compliant. FreeStyle Commercial Flooring is waterproof, anti-microbial and features a chemical and stain-resistant composition. It also meets CA 1350 Indoor Air Quality and is MAS Certified Green.

FreeStyle Commercial Flooring is available in a dozen standard colors and additional other special order colors.

To request a sample of FreeStyle Commercial Flooring, please call 508-583-3200 or visit

About SelecTech, Inc:
FreeStyle is a division of SelecTech, Inc., which was founded in 1993 with the mission of creating valuable products from scrap plastics. The company has become a leader in the manufacture of flooring products from recycled materials and uses one million pounds of recycled materials annually. Their products are made with up to 100 percent recycled content, are 100 percent recyclable and installed without adhesives making them some of the “greenest” and most cost-effective flooring products available. The unique interlock system on SelecTech’s flooring products enable them to be installed at a much lower cost, without a lot of costly downtime, which provides significant value to customers.

Using state-of-the-art technology and innovative product design, SelecTech has also created the top performing Place N’ Go residential flooring products, which are available at Home Depot. They are also the creators and manufacturers of StaticStop ESD flooring products. SelecTech is a vendor partner of Health Care Institute (HCI), an International Facility Management Association (IFMA) alliance partner and Starnet, an international flooring contractor cooperative. The company is headquartered at 33 Wales Avenue, Suite F in Avon, MA. For more information about SelecTech, visit

Media Contact:
Steven V. Dubin, PR Works